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Sat Sep 20 @10:00AM - 04:30PM
Tractor, Engine, & Auto Show
Sat Sep 20 @ 4:30PM -
Barn Dance
Sun Sep 21 @10:00AM - 04:30PM
Tractor, Engine, & Auto Show
Thu Oct 16 @ 7:30PM - 05:00PM
Steel Magnolias
Sun Oct 19 @ 2:00AM - 05:00PM
Steel Magnolias
Sun Oct 26 @ 1:30PM - 04:30PM
Boo on the Farm



chamberlogo_smallThe York Nebraska Area Chamber of Commerce is an energetic organization to help existing businesses grow and succeed. The Chamber boasts over 300 members in the greater York, Nebraska area. York is located in eastern Nebraska at the junction of Interstate 80 (east-west) and Highway 81 (north-south). We are a proud progressive community of 8,000. We boast an excellent educational system, a vibrant business community and plenty of recreational and cultural opportunities for all ages. Please take some time to explore our web site. If there is anything you need regarding locating an existing business, feel free to contact our office Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at 402-362-5531. We also added several links to other organizations that can help you do business in York. Joining The York Area Chamber of Commerce is the smart investment!

*Free listing in annual Membership Directory
*Free listing on Chamber's website with website links
*Discount on Chamber sponsored seminars Sponsorship opportunities at many popular community events
*Invitation to several networking activities each year
*Referrals from the Chamber
*Ability to accept Chamber Checks
*Advertising Opportunities
And much more!

For information on how you can become a member of the Chamber, download the Membership Application.


We are located at 603 Lincoln Avenue in the beautiful York Towne Centre.
Phone: (402) 362-5531
Fax: (402) 362-5953

If you are interested in starting a business or needing assistance with business expansion, please contact THE YORK COUNTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION at 402-362-3333 or visit their website

If you are interested in visiting York, please contact THE YORK COUNTY VISITORS BUREAU at 402-362-4575 or visit their website






2014 York Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership


President – Mark Way (York State Bank)

President Elect – Jim Winchell (Perennial Public Power)

1st Vice President – Tamara Sutton (Java Café)

2nd Vice President – Dr. Amy Kadavy (EyeCare Associates)

Bureau 1 – Financial

Banks, Financial Institutions, and Credit Unions

Board Representative: Kris Holoch (Cornerstone Bank) Term Expires 12/2016

Bureau 2 – Professionals

Realtors, Financial Planners, Medical, Law Offices, and Education

Board Representatives: Angie Berthold (Heritage Realtors) Term Expires 12/2016

Jill Koch (York General Health Care Services) Term Expires 12/2015

Bureau 3 – Hospitality

Lodging, Food Services, Entertainment, and Media

Board Representatives: Open Seat Term Expires 12/2016

Alison Graham (Holiday Inn Express) Term Expires 12/2016

Bureau 4 – Industry

Manufacturing, Utilities, Contractors, Hardware, Agriculture

Board Representatives: Bri Schoch (Schoch Concrete) Term Expires 12/2014

Don Swanson (United Farmers Cooperative) Term Expires 12/2016

Pat Hanrahan (Nebraska Public Power) Term Expires 12/2014

Bureau 5 – Retail Services

Retail (general and wholesale), Automotive, Cosmetology, Dance/Yoga Studios, Telecomm

Board Representatives: Bruce Wagner (Wagner Decorating) Term Expires 12/2014

Sue Ann Romohr (Kirtsey Dancewear and Gifts) Term Expires 12/2015

Open Seat Term Expires 12/2014

Bureau 6 – Non-Profit/Governmental/Boosters

Religious, Non-Profits, Service Clubs, Individuals/Families, Home Based Business

Board Representatives: Vicki Duey (Four Corners Health Department) Term Expires 12/2015

Lori Byers (York County Aging) Term Expires 12/2015


Past YORKFEST Royalty

                                      KINGS                                    QUEENS

1979                              Stan Hartman*                     Elaine Dahlgren

1980                              Pete Frandsen*                    Deloris Baer*

1981                              Howard Harris*                    Gert Rogers

1982                              Paul Geis*                            Barbara Furst*

1983                              Hollis Miller                         Nettie Clark

1984                              John Strand*                        Fern Rose*

1985                              Dean Sack*                          Agnes Conant*

1986                              Alvin Olson*                        Freddie Oglesby*

1987                              Hub Foster*                         Judi Nordlund

1988                              Cub Baer*                             Dorothy May*

1989                              Howard Anderson*                Margaret Jensen*

1990                              Miles Hildebrand *                Alice Brouillette*

1991                              Kelly Holthus                        Ann Kirkpatrick

1992                              Clarence Churchill*               Louise Gleason*

1993                              M.A. “Deb” Hartman*            Sally Ruben

1994                              Howard May*                        Arlene Splain*

1995                              Dan Barrett                           Betty Bell

1996                              Howard Blatchford*               Yvonne Junge

1997                              Duane Birt*                           Mary Crawford

1998                              Dean Richardson*                  Kappy Bedient*

1999                              Dr. Charles Wempe                Mildred Goodban*

2000                              Dr. James Stansberry             Verna Wolfe

2001                              John Munn                             Ann Wagner

2002                              Wes Tonniges                         Darcy McBride

2003                              George Crawford                   Joyce Otoupal

2004                              Les Olson                               Gail Nordlund

2005                              Jack Vincent                           Ruth Krumbach

2006                              Herb Heiden *                          Elaine Stuhr

2007                              Dr. Darroll Loschen               Connie Hubbard

2008                              Dr. Harold Rosenau               Toni Hess

2009                              Bill Scheve                             Bernie Scripture

2010                              Kent Bedient                          Konda Cooper

2011                              Dr. Don Witte                        Dr. Nancy Dob

2012                              Tim Gardner                          Jean Gardner

2013                              Tommie Toms                        Joan Strong








Latest Events

Sat Sep 20 @10:00AM - 04:30PM
Tractor, Engine, & Auto Show
Sat Sep 20 @ 4:30PM -
Barn Dance
Sun Sep 21 @10:00AM - 04:30PM
Tractor, Engine, & Auto Show

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